Attorney Referrals

Word of mouth referrals are the best advertisement.

We are humbled that the vast majority of my firm’s clients are referred to us by other attorneys. I understand the worry and uneasiness that a lawyer feels when a valued client is referred to another lawyer.

  • Will your loyal client be in capable hands?
  • Will the attorney protect the referral fee?
  • How long will it take for the attorney to resolve the client’s case?
  • Will your calls be taken promptly?
  • Will the lawyer make you look great in the client’s eyes because the client was referred to an attorney with the appropriate skills, knowledge and a professional staff?

Our professional reputations are a reflection of the professional company we keep. When you refer your client to our firm, we understand that the client is not only evaluating our legal skills, they are evaluating your judgment as their counselor.


Over decades of being a trial lawyer, I have found over and over again my best clients are referred by other lawyers. This is no accident. A client referred by a peer has some understanding of the attorney-client relationship. A client referred by another attorney is much more likely to hire my firm and accept my advice during our relationship. Often, the attorney that is referring their client to me has known that person for decades. Prior to my first meeting with a client, their attorney knows much more about them than I do. The referring attorney helps me understand them as a person and gives me knowledge of the facts of their case. Many attorneys that refer their clients to our firm work with us as part of our team all the way through the resolution of the client’s case.


From the moment you call to refer your client, through the resolution of your client’s case, my firm will treat you and your client with the upmost respect, aplomb and diligence. Our goal is to enhance your image in your client’s eyes. I know that what motivates professional referrals is the desire to see your client well taken care of. Our promise to referring lawyers is to do just that.


The Florida Supreme Court has authorized a standard referral attorney fee of 25% of the gross attorney fee earned in a contingent fee from a personal injury matter. A referral fee of 25% will be remitted to a referring attorney when my firm earns a fee from a client that was referred to us. The referring attorney’s relationship with the client makes it much easier for me to represent a new client. The referral fee represents the often considerable work a referring attorney does for a client before referring them to my firm.


“I never hesitate to refer clients to Jim. He provides representation with excellence and thoroughness. His experience and dedication to the field places him in a minority few that I trust wholeheartedly.”

– William Strawcutter, Esquire

I have known Jim Vickaryous both professionally and personally for some time. I also know several other Personal Injury attorneys just as well. I trust Jim to handle the cases I refer with professionalism and efficiency and have never had a client call me about any negative experiences with Jim. Nor have I ever had a client call me to tell me they rarely speak with Jim but instead always talk with a Case Manager or Secretary.  I can tell you that the service he gives his clients is far better than the service individuals receive from other firms I am familiar with. For these reasons I will continue to refer Personal Injury cases to Jim Vickaryous.

– William S. Orth, Esquire

I refer personal injury cases to Jim because I know my referrals will be treated professionally and be given the attention and legal resources they deserve. Jim is a knowledgeable and skillful attorney that obtains the best possible result for his clients.  Stated simply, Jim is one of the best personal injury attorneys in Central Florida.

– Randy McClean, Esquire

Thanks for confirming the transfer of funds. It has been a pleasure working with you on this case and I am pleased we have brought matters to a successful conclusion so swiftly. Our client too has been very pleased with the service you have provided and the settlement.

– Christopher Deacon, Solicitor, United Kingdom

Many of my past consumer clients have called me to recommend a personal injury attorney when they have been injured in their rental homes or in automobile accidents. I always refer them to James Vickaryous because he has a sterling reputation and gives personal service to all of the potential clients I send to him. These clients all report back to me with thanks and great reviews about Jim. Not only do I trust Jim with the welfare of my clients, I brought my own personal injury case to him and was very pleased with the results.

– Leonard Cabral, Esquire

I refer my personal injury cases to Jim Vickaryous because, first and foremost, I know that he will provide excellent representation for the client. Jim is knowledgeable of the relevant laws and understands the issues and nuances of each case. Should a case go to trial, Jim is a skilled litigator with a proven track record. I have the utmost confidence that Jim will obtain the best possible result for the client.

– Calvin F. Harding Jr., Esquire

I have and will continue refer cases to Jim because I know that anyone referred to his office will be treated with the respect, compassion and professionalism that all clients should demand. Moreover, without exception, everyone who I have referred to Jim has been very pleased with his services and the results that he has obtained in their case.

– Andrew J. Chmelir, Esq., Esquire

I gave Jim my first PI case in 2005 after another attorney (who had been practicing PI longer than Jim and was supposedly better qualified) had the case and then decided there was no chance of recovery. Within a few weeks, Jim recovered 10’s of thousands of dollars for the woman. Since then, I’ve sent Jim all of my PI and Insurance claim cases. In fact, Jim recently received the largest jury verdict for a headache injury case in Seminole County history, $964,000, for one of my referrals. The people that I’ve sent to Jim all report that he is professional, knowledgeable and attentive to their needs and requests for information. I have also personally used Jim to represent me and each time he has done so, he has “knocked it out of the park” for me. In sum, if you want a PI Attorney that will keep your referrals informed about their case and will ensure the maximum recovery possible for them, Jim Vickaryous is your man.

– Steve Marsee, Esquire


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