Case Results


$5,400,000 – Family involved in catastrophic collision.

$2,100,000 – Wrongful Death of toddler.

$1,300,000 – Products liability – defective bicycle.

$1,175,000 – Tractor-trailer collision with motorcycle collision.

$1,000,000 – Wrongful death.

$1,000,000 – Vehicle rollover.

$1,000,000 – Dog bite.

$964,000 – Seminole County jury verdict – car collision.

$595,000 – Commercial box truck collision with car.

$500,000 – Car collision caused early stage Alzheimer’s disease to progress to late stage.

$500,000 – Construction injury.

$500,000 – Global resolution of injuries from 3 separate car collisions causing and exacerbating injuries in the same area of the body.

$410,000 – Construction injury.

$400,000 – Pedestrian struck by motor vehicle.

$400,000 – Sheriff’s deputy injured by drunk driver.

$375,000 – Car collision caused need for bi-lateral hip replacements.

$355,000 – Product liability – defective bicycle.

$316,000 – Injuries after vehicle flipped over from being cut off by another car.

$320,000 – T-bone collision resulting in multiple herniations.

$300,000 – Rear-end collision resulting in surgery.

$300,000 – UK citizen injured in motor vehicle accident while on vacation.

$275,000 – Bystander claim, client witnessed his mother killed by a motor vehicle.

$250,000 – Motorcyclist struck by vehicle requiring meniscus surgery.

$225,000 – Client injured due to the failure of a property owner to secure their property.

$225,000 – Motorcycle accident, disputed liability

$202,500 – Slip and fall at apartment complex.

$175,000 – Leg injury due to contractor dropping convention pallet on knee.

$155,000 – Slip and fall at Turnpike rest stop.

$150,000 – Client injured in collision by stolen vehicle, carrier paid excess of policy limits.

The Vickaryous Law firm has obtained numerous confidential 6 figure verdicts and settlements not listed.

Additionally, James Vickaryous has been appointed special counsel multiple times by the United States Bankruptcy Court, Middle District, Orlando Division and has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of bankruptcy estates.

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